Task 18 — Podcasting

This was fun. I had to use my husband’s computer because my sound recorder for some reason does not work and then figuring out Vista instead of XP I finally got going.
I can see potential for this in the classroom. What a great way to prepare kids for public speaking using current technology rather than a cassette player. One can coach the kids on oral presentation — book report, debate, class play — so they can hear themselves.
It is also a good way for kids to learn about rewriting. If they hear the words rather than just see them they can then decide on their rewrite. It may get kids to actually think about how important rewriting is.
golf-joke This is a sample of my podcasting.

Task 22 Social Networking

Although I did not join Classroom 2.0 yet I can readily see what a great site it is. (I leave for out of town on the 27th and then school is just around the corner so wanted to get as much done as possible before I leave.) There is just so much information out there.
One the right hand side of the home page I clicked on libraries and explored the Digiital Citizenship site. What a information for teaching students proper digital etiquette.
I also clicked on Libraries and got lots of info. I especially like the Library Teacher Ning It is a great forum for asking questions and getting new ideas for things one is planning on introducing in the classroom. I particularly liked reading questions posed and the answers posted.
It is as if I don’t know where to begin. I am in information overload

Task 21 Pageflakes

I spent a lot of time playing with pageflakes and am still a little confused.

I can see the great potential of using it (all your stuff on one page, separate pages for different projects.  I calendar page was a great addition.  It picked up what I had already added so it is an easy feature to use.

And it would be very easy for the students to listen to feeds, stories or watch videos.  But I spent at least a hour and a half over two days and don’t feel I am all that familiar with it.

I loved some of the samples of story read alouds.  It would be great to set up a center in the classroom and let the kids listen to stories.  They could pick and choose or the teacher could assign and then ask about mail character, plot etc.

Task 7b and 7c

This is an article on the national parks by Tim Eagan

This was a article on the Opinion page of the New York Times.  Tim Eagan talks about our wonderful national parks and how they are being neglected by the American people.  Having been to many of these and seeing how wonderful and inspiring they are it is a shame that they are being neglected by not having enough money to support them and that there is a paucity of visitors.  Did you know that the average stay at the magnificent Grand Canyon is only 17 minutes.  It is a shame that people do not realize the richness of this country and the diversity of the land from coast to coast.

There are times when I open my reader and there are 30 things to read.  I have finally learned to really skim through all of this.  There is just so much out there that one could not possibly read what one would like to or should read to keep up.  There is also a lot of trash that just eats your time away.

Task 20 — Google Docs

The uploading of material I already had was very easy to do.  I especially liked the fact that I could share this information with friends and colleagues.  I uploaded an address list.  My family had a big party for my mother’s 90th birthday.  It would have been so easy to upload the guest list and have everyone contribute addresses that they knew or could look up.  There were lots of out of town people coming and getting all the addresses was a huge task for the sibling who was doing the invitations.  Rather than calling everyone or email she could have easily uploaded the one document and had all of us comment on both the addresses and the look of the invitation that she had made.

In school this would be a great way to communicate with a teacher that developing a new unit for the entire grade.  He/she could easily have colleagues comment or add to the basic outline and help fill in info for the unit.  The librarian would be able to add books and research ideas for the students and even plan a lesson for the children around the subject.

I will definitely use this tool when planning our annual Thanksgiving get-together with 10 of our friends from around the country.  We meet at a new place each year and everyone is responsible for something to arrange and to bring.

Task 19

How to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  This video is instructive, looks and sound delicious thought I would change the apple to a fresh, summer organic tomato.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKamx8f9JI8&NR=1

One could spend the entire day doodling around YouTube.  It was a good suggestion to set a time.  One thing leads to another.  I was on a site watching a book talk and then moved on to Jennifer Aniston without missing a beat.  You just get sucked into a black hole.

A couple of the videos I liked with about authors, mostly interviews with them.  Our older elementary students read novels and have classroom discussion about their meanings.


Our younger students do author studies and the interviews are very helpful.  The attached is Eric Carle talking about “The Very Hungry Caterpiller”, is methods and the meaning to him.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kce8zn2-mVo&feature=PlayList&p=05B570BE3A01AF97&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=19http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAeC2IFMSiY&feature=related

The fun video I chose is Where in the World is Matt – Dancing.   This video and other like it just make me smile,  sometimes the video seems so poignant.



Before the election I was “The Obama Girl”videos, and others that people talked about.  Or I got caught up with TV interviews that I had missed.

TeacherTube.  There are lots of great sites on Teachertube too.  Some are funny, some serious.  The one I enjoyed was http://teachertube.com/videoList.php?thumb=yes&tags=Book&user_id=0&start=64&pg=videonew .  There are pages and pages of book reviews, some by adults, some by children and also read alouds.  This site has book trailers, like movie trailers that hopefully make the book appealling to your readers.  Type in book reviews, read aloud or an author’s name and a list of videos comes up.

Also while view Teachertube found a great site Just One More Book.  Lots of books are reviewed and you can click on an author on the right hand side and find reviews for their books too.  justonemorebook.comobject>

Task 17 Subscribe to a podcast

I have been listening to This American Life, a NPR program with Ira Glass for a few years and have had a subscription to their podcast for about a year.  The program always has  two – four sketches about interesting things that have happened to people.  It is great for car ride listening.

Also through this class I have now subscribe to Just One More Book.  It is site that is perfect for a librarian.  The site talks you though a new or relatively new book.  Although there is no video one gets a great idea about the look and feel of the book through the narrators words.   There is also a list of authors on the right side of the page that will let one listen the program about that author’s book.   This is particularly great for elementary librarians. I now get the feed on my personal school email as well as the one I set up for this class.

I have had an IPOD for years so I already have all the updates for itunes.  I couldn’t live without my music for running and exercising!

Task 16 Library Thing

This is a great site for me.  I have already added begun to add the books I have read, but don’t own, to my page so when the students ask for a recommendation I have tools at hand to help them make just that right choice.  It is especially good because in the review section I can make notes about the book which will help jog my memory.  I usually read about 50 childen’s books over the summer and I do need something to help me remember all.

This site also will have great recommendations for kids for books that I have not read.  The reviews seem helpful, and don’t give away the story.

My book club is always looking for something to read and here would be a great place to look for suggestions with personal reviews right there so we can find new items.  Sometimes we are look for an author to read rather than story (as when Philip Roth died we decided we needed to read something written by him).

I could even see cataloging my own books on this site if I had plenty of time and patience to do so.