Task 7b and 7c

This is an article on the national parks by Tim Eagan

This was a article on the Opinion page of the New York Times.  Tim Eagan talks about our wonderful national parks and how they are being neglected by the American people.  Having been to many of these and seeing how wonderful and inspiring they are it is a shame that they are being neglected by not having enough money to support them and that there is a paucity of visitors.  Did you know that the average stay at the magnificent Grand Canyon is only 17 minutes.  It is a shame that people do not realize the richness of this country and the diversity of the land from coast to coast.

There are times when I open my reader and there are 30 things to read.  I have finally learned to really skim through all of this.  There is just so much out there that one could not possibly read what one would like to or should read to keep up.  There is also a lot of trash that just eats your time away.

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