Task 20 — Google Docs

The uploading of material I already had was very easy to do.  I especially liked the fact that I could share this information with friends and colleagues.  I uploaded an address list.  My family had a big party for my mother’s 90th birthday.  It would have been so easy to upload the guest list and have everyone contribute addresses that they knew or could look up.  There were lots of out of town people coming and getting all the addresses was a huge task for the sibling who was doing the invitations.  Rather than calling everyone or email she could have easily uploaded the one document and had all of us comment on both the addresses and the look of the invitation that she had made.

In school this would be a great way to communicate with a teacher that developing a new unit for the entire grade.  He/she could easily have colleagues comment or add to the basic outline and help fill in info for the unit.  The librarian would be able to add books and research ideas for the students and even plan a lesson for the children around the subject.

I will definitely use this tool when planning our annual Thanksgiving get-together with 10 of our friends from around the country.  We meet at a new place each year and everyone is responsible for something to arrange and to bring.

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